Over the past 30 years, PMI crews have executed timely, safe and successful installations, maintenance, and upgrades to a diverse range of processes.

Major Industries We Serve



With safety being the number one priority, Pacific Mill Installations Ltd. is able to provide site-specific planning for your next construction project that focuses on adhering to safety, quality assurance, scheduling, and budget. PMI is CWB certified for all of your structural installations as well.


Machine Installation:

Whether it is a full demolition and replacement of equipment or component upgrades, PMI has the knowledge and expertise to complete all machine and component installations in a safe and timely manner.


Plant Maintenance:

If you are planning a major plant outage or a production line outage, or you require shift coverage for an employee, PMI can provide trade support with a vast knowledge and experience in the sawmill and pulp and paper industry.


Trades Support:

PMI provides quality certified tradespeople. This includes: Millwrights, Welders, Pipefitters, Carpenters, and Riggers. We can also provide safety personnel, spark watch, and labourers. Our trades can complete inspections for preventative maintenance, apply corrective maintenance, and make repairs or replace equipment as required. Trade support can be provided in the case of a breakdown. Our team will work diligently and safely to help with repairs to reduce down time.


Metal Fabrication:

PMI can come to your site. With fully mobile fabrication equipment, we can provide quality products on or off site.


Our Experience


Past experience has guaranteed that PMI is fully capable of providing the following services to the mentioned industries above:

  • PM Inspections: Inspecting/installing bearings, pumps, couplings, fans, rolls, drive trains.
  • Pulp/Paper Machines: Inspections, repairs, bearing changes, roll changes.
  • Material Handling: Installing and repairing conveyors, screws, screens, stoker systems, cranes.
  • Structural Steel: Erection, repairs, and cladding.
  • Process: Installing and repairing pumps, piping, valves.
  • Laser/Optical Alignment: SKF, Optalign.
  • Fabrication: Extensive fabrication experience.
  • Welding: We possess several stick and wire procedures to CSA W47.1/W59.
  • Log Handling: Installing and repairing log decks, side lifts, log hauls, Peco lifts, log conveyors.
  • Woodrooms: Installing and repairing debarkers, chippers, transfer decks, conveyors.
  • Dryer Systems: Installing and repairing dryer components, ducting, conveyors.
  • Carpentry/Civil: Excavation, form work, concrete, bases, framing.
  • Rigging: Extensive rigging experience.



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